Semi-Permanent Make Up

Geraldine Flynn began her career in Dublin in make-up and training and once she discovered semi-permanent make up, she knew it was for her. She has worked across the UK and Ireland and has been lucky enough to work in Australia, Canada, America and the Bahamas.

Specialising in recreating natural features for hair loss patients, which is hugely rewarding. Delighted to be part of the Finishing Touches Micropigentation Training team; she enjoys welcoming and teaching new technicians and sharing her skills. Also enjoying keeping up to date and attending regular master classes and seminars across the world.


Hair stoke, powder, block, ombre brows or a combination of different techniques available.



Make the most of your eyes with subtle eyeliner or eyelash enhancement. Eyelash enhancement creates a fine, soft and natural line to add depth and definition to your eyes making lashes appear thicker and eyes appear brighter. Eye liner gives eyes a more wide awake, vibrant look that brings out the colour and sparkle of the eyes, dramatically defining eyes, creating a long lasting, perfect look.

Eyeliner top and bottom or just top or just bottom and Lash enhancement available in a range of colours. Beauty spots / enhancement available.



As we age, our lips shrink and lose colour and our lip line becomes less defined. Semi-Permanent Make Up can restore lost definition and give the impression of fullness with either a hint of colour or a more dramatic shade for an beautiful, youthful and natural look.

Lip liner and blush is perfect for re-shaping uneven lips and ensuring that you have perfect lips at all times; available in a wide range of shades.